Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Next Generation Internet TV - Create Your Own NetTV

By now we were disappointed by the traditional television. One thing that brings down the old TV is that all that it shows, has been viewed and reviewed. It's very boring! Also I think that it's only a political communication instrument today. We only wished the television were more different, more original. Only in some case as the news or sport events, the old TV are still capable to compete with the recent success of Online Television.

However, sooner or later the inevitable will happen and what it is being born online will replace the traditional TV. I've realized how strong the community of users idolize the new generation Online Television or Internet TV through services like YouTube,, Joost, Miro, and Brightcove which allow to decide what to watch and when through a free access and a large video programming.

As you already know, the Online TV can be seen on the move anywhere around the planet, when you've an internet connection or where you can find an Internet cafè or library. To have access on the net you've only need of Wi-Fi technology, an ADSL cable and you can be connected always, through a cell phone or computer laptop device. So, you can browse online video professional or amateur from around the planet, or store them to your pc computer. Furthermore, you can see the new internet TV through an application like Apple TV even on your traditional television set.

If you have not yet realized it, there are two valid reasons to use a Online TV and create your own Internet TV. The first reason, you don't need payment or paid subscription and the second reason because internet TV allow you to distribute video on other Internet TV channels, with an Infinite bandwidth to broadcasting and give you the possibility to distribute video on blogs and even on traditional TV. To live at the pace of change and create a Net TV you don't need a large budget, all you've need are to sign-up services like Mogulus, or Operator11.


Soon the success that has made great the traditional TV will grow on the internet. Old television will not used anymore but if you want to live at the pace of change the new TV not only does it provides an solution to your entertainment but will allow a lot of people to join in and participate into the show. That should make it easier for video professionals or video amateurs and I'm sure that will give a great chance to lot of people with talent and new ideas. The total control of the informations will be on your hands.

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